Undergraduate Teaching

During the 2018-19 academic year I will be leading seminars or giving lectures for:

  • 901: Intro to English
  • 903: Literary Revolutions
  • 9HA: Renaissance Literature, 1500-1660
  • 9HB: The Long Eighteenth Century
  • 9HC: British Romanticism, 1785-1832
  • 9N2: Scottish Literature from Renaissance to Union
  • 9WH: Scotland and Empire

Masters Teaching

During the 2018-19 academic year I will be leading several of the seminars for:

  • MSWPP01: Scottish Literature from Regal Union to Empire

And am co-teaching:

  • Early Modern Palaeography

Postgraduate Supervision

I am currently supervising the following doctoral projects:


I run regular letterpress workshops and classes with my fellow printer Dr. Dawn Hollis (University of St Andrews) for members of the university, students, and the general public.  I also consult for community groups interested in preserving and/or interpreting the carved stones in their areas.

Past Teaching

Prior to arriving at Stirling I taught early modern and Romantic literature at Jesus College, Oxford, and early modern history at the University of St Andrews.  While at St Andrews I also developed an honours module on the transnational cultural history of northern Europe which continues to run.

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